Biography of the Artist

Sitting on the beach one fine summer day, Paula Shapiro, then a young girl, was so taken by the beauty of her surroundings, she decided to immerse herself in the aesthetics of nature and life from then on. And thus, her life as a an artist began.

Although it was Paula’s father who introduced her to photography, it was her grandfather, Rear Admiral Harold J. Wright, who was to be the dominant influence in her life. A Renaissance man in his own right, the Rear Admiral played the piano and banjo, studied philosophy, was an avid fly fisherman and an accomplished songwriter whose compositions are still played by the U.S. Navy. His joy of living and standards of professionalism left an indelible mark on Paula’s character and outlook on life.

Training as an Artist

Paula embarked upon her formal study of art as a teenager at the Silvermine Arts Center. After high school graduation, she continued her studies at the Corcoran School of Art where 60s pop art icon Peter Maxx was an artist in residence.

At Corcoran, Paula delved into the study of color, exploring its effects in traditional and nontraditional uses. School assignments—such as mixing 100 different shades of a single color—helped Paula cultivate her fine color sense. To this day, Paula credits her Corcoran training for her ability to see any color and immediately translate it to canvas.

Being a Wife, Mother and Artist

Paula went on to marry and have a child. As she raised her daughter and helped her husband in business, she continued her painting and photography and ultimately founded Finelight Studio, through which she privately sold her original works and giclée prints.

Returning to the Art World

With her daughter now grown, Paula relocated to Southern California. There she returned to the art world as a senior administrator and student of Mission Renaissance, the popular California art school founded by master painter, Larry Gluck. At Mission Renaissance, she studied and fell in love with oils, which have become her primary medium.

Today, Paula devotes much of her time to the continued study and creation of art, fulfilling the decision she made as a young girl: to immerse herself in the beauty of nature and life.

View Paula’s Work

We invite you to view Paula’s paintings and photography, which are available for purchase, on this site. For information on custom prints and commissioned artwork, please contact us.