It’s often said that “every great painter paints what they are.” Thank you, Paula, for making life just that little bit more beautiful. I really believe that every brushstroke is from the heart and has a magic that you spread in everything you touch! I can’t wait to see more of your works.

Debra Kagan Murray

I own three of Paula’s works: Lavender Fields, My Dad’s Garden and Beach Art. What I love about Paula’s art is you feel like you are there.

Lavender Fields has been the centerpiece in my living room for 17 years. Although I have never seen real lavender fields, any time I look at this painting, I feel like I am there. It gives me a sense of calmness, peace and relaxation. With My Dad’s’ Garden, I feel like I have a piece of the outside in my home. This painting gets compliments every time someone new sees it. Beach Art reminds me of my childhood spending summers at the ocean.

Paula’s art is featured in my home because of the warmth and peace it displays. They could never be replaced.

Sarah Tyler Harding

In the years I have known Paula, I have seen her innate sense of style, color, balance and shape in all facets of her life. Over the years, Paula has developed these traits and talents through education and practice. Today, these skills are prominent in all areas of her life, most particularly in her art. Her paintings are a delight to have in my home.

Joan Wood

Paula Shapiro’s work has great variety, often with the echoes of artists that have shaped our sensibilities. There is a vibrancy and harmony in her use of color which is “Monet-like,” yet you can see the starkness of Wyeth in other pieces. Overall, one sees a constant perception and appreciation of beauty—and a very personal expression of that beauty which happily contributes to the warmth of our home. And we have the pleasure of seeing our “Shapiro” every day!

Jeff & Kelley Pomerantz

I love the prints I purchased from Paula. They look beautiful on the wall of my office and my patients have already commented that they brighten the space.

Lisa Benest, MD

I cherish my painting by Paula, as it always takes me into her wonderful world of aesthetics and reminds me of all the great memories I have of the place she painted. It is constantly admired by others and adds such great color to my space. Her creations are a quality of communication that just doesn’t get old. I look forward to collecting more of her artwork as it is very special, as is she!

Cass Warner

Paula’s paintings re-envision simple pastoral scenes with beautiful detail. In her “December” painting, 4 trees lie in the foreground, their leaves red and darkened by the season’s cold winter. Behind them stands a wall of pine trees that stretch across the canvas and casts a shadow on the rest of the painting. And yet, the sky looks to be at the point of daybreak, when all the colors that draw us in to the painting are about to change. Paula Shapiro captures this moment with subtle brushstrokes and a variety of cool colors and frames it all with a dreamlike white border that heightens the painting’s emotion.

Arevik G.


Your paintings hang on a few of our walls and simply put, they bring us happiness. Your love of the intimate landscape and your authentic talent make your paintings a focal attraction in our home. Can’t wait to see more of your work on the website. Thank you for sharing your art; we will be back for more!

Martha, Seattle, WA

I am now the proud owner of one of Paula’s soulful canvases. This was a collaborative effort as she painted from a photograph that I’d taken of some old vines at sunset near the Coppola Winery in Sonoma County. The photo is nice, but Paula’s rendering added a softness to the vines and the late afternoon light that brings with it a personal emotion my photograph couldn’t. Her painting now has a prominent position in my living room, taking me back to that moment with much-added pleasure. Thank you, Paula. I love it.

Bruce Wiggins

I love Paula’s art! Her works display an elegant grasp of composition, light and color. They come alive and draw interest—always so pleasing. I’m happy to hear she’s devoting more time to both her drawing and photography. When’s your next show so we can see your new creations?

Bob Graves

Anything created in a higher, more aesthetic form is art. Paula Shapiro is a great example of this. Her art transcends canvas and paper. It elevates the beauty of nature and records it for the viewer to appreciate and admire.

I have been an avid follower of Paula’s work. I have seen the dedication and fervor she puts into it. She strives to achieve a level of beauty that, when seen on canvas, causes one to say, “Ah yes, that is beautiful” and elevates your perception of beauty.

That is my experience with her art and I look forward to every new piece. As a fellow artist, I really admire her care and devotion to her craft. The affinity she has for art shows up in every one of her works and this is truly inspiring.

Susie Cortez

Paula Shapiro’s work has hung in my living room for over a decade and is still surprising and fresh. We have a very special pair of large color photographs capturing the same segment of sandy shoreline just before and after the incursion of a wave. The two sequential moments are entirely different in composition, flow, action and impact. It is hard not to look back and forth between the two of them and contemplate the strangeness of Time. They are unique and elegant.

In addition, as an artist and one concerned with the directions of contemporary art, I am forever grateful to Paula for introducing me to the magnificent book of Robert Henri, The Art Spirit. This book contains clear and simple truths about art from one of the most revered of American painters and teachers, and is utterly relevant today and for the future of art.

Nate Jessup

I have had the pleasure of knowing Paula as a friend and artist for a few decades. The quality of life and joy that she has as a person reflects in her images as she invests that same life force into her artwork. We have taken classes together and exchanged favorite quotes and images; her love of beauty extends into all aspects of what she does and gives. I own a few pieces of her art and they bring delight into my world for her love of “looking, finding and capturing” a moment which elevates that moment in its composition and shows the character of the artist/maker. I am a fan.

Trish Garner

There is a quality to Paula Shapiro’s work that is so uniquely hers. The vitality and freshness emanating from the canvas pervades the viewer’s heart and mind. For me, it’s very much like a cool drink on a hot summer’s day—revitalizing and most welcome. Just looking at her artwork raises my spirits.

Andrea Kluge

I love and admire Paula’s creations and her interpretation of the pieces she is portraying. The effect of her creations really allows my imagination to participate within the art piece, evoking so many different emotions.

I love the Italian gargoyle. I can almost feel him breathe and about to come alive on the canvas, exuding such strength and power as he goes into action. The two silver trees in the snowy moonlit evening are alone, yet when I view the painting, I can almost hear the communication and love between them in the stillness of the night.

Paula’s execution of color, texture, depth and movement are unique to her hand. I really enjoy the pieces I own and it is a please to have them in my collection. Thank you so much, Paula, for adding such beautiful pieces of inspiring aesthetics to the world.

Anita Shain Reichenberg

I was lucky enough to recently acquire one of Paula Shapiro’s art pieces, and I am so happy I did! I have such fond childhood memories of rustic nature scenes from growing up in Oregon. Paula perfectly captured one of those scenes in her painting, Sheridan’s Barn, which is now the centerpiece in our home. I can’t wait to get more!

Michael Hendry